• Kitchen Equipment Tips For New RV Buyers

    If you've decided that the draw of freedom has you ready to invest in an RV and start traveling, you might find yourself surprised by some of the adjustments you'll need to make. Although most first-time RV owners know that it means limited space, sometimes the reality of that space can be challenging. For example, the compact nature of an RV kitchen poses some unique challenges that you'll want to address before you make the leap.
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  • Synthetic Oil: Is it Good or Bad for Older Cars?

    The next time you take your car to your local lube shop for a tune-up, there's a good chance your mechanic might suggest you switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil. But while synthetic oils are the new standard for a broad range of new vehicles, conventional oils are still de rigueur for many older vehicles. So is it worth it to make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil in your older car, truck or SUV?
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