5 Reasons Independent Wrestlers Should Purchase A Class B RV

Posted on: 31 August 2015

Being an independent wrestler means that you have to do a lot of traveling around the country to perform at different wrestling events. Instead of taking a traditional car to wrestling shows, a class B RV may be a better option. This type of RV is like a large van that has been fitted to include a bedroom and amenities found in a full-sized camper. If you're a pro wrestler, these five benefits cater to the traveling athlete and will help you through the day to day progress of your career.

Motel & Hotel Costs

As you travel to different cities for shows, it's common to book a motel or hotel room for your stay. In the course of a year, these rooms can become costly and really cut into your wrestling profits. Instead of having separate room and boarding costs, everything can be combined into one with a class B RV.

The built-in bed on these vehicles allows you to park somewhere safe and stay overnight until you get to travel back home or to the next event. If you're already paying for a car anyway, the savings will quickly add up and result in a greater income for all the shows you perform at. This is also ideal for events that take place at the same venue over multiple days. You can park right at the venue and stay overnight instead of looking for a hotel to book.

Event Preparation

Preparing for a wrestling event requires plenty of rest, relaxation, and mental preparation. By owning a class B RV, you can prepare in private and with plenty of room to move around. By parking right outside the wrestling venue, you will have the ability to nap or rest before an event.

The sound system inside the RV will also give you access to any songs or music that helps you prepare for the matches you are participating in. A built-in TV will give you chances to study matches and watch other pro wrestling content from all around the world.

Food & Nutrition

One of the hardest things to deal with when traveling on the road is proper nutrition. When driving for hours, it becomes too easy to stop off for fast food or a quick restaurant meal. To help stay in shape for your wrestling career, a class B RV offers plenty of food preparation options. A small range and toaster oven can help you cook a variety of meals that cater to your healthy lifestyle.

A built-in mini refrigerator will help you stock up on healthy foods and meaty proteins that are typical to a pro wrestling diet. This will also allow you to have plenty of healthy snacks, instead of relying on gas station junk food.

Wrestling Gear Storage

A big part of being a professional wrestler is becoming the character. when driving in a car, you do not have the space to properly air out or store all your wrestling gear. When you purchase an RV, you have the ability to hang wrestling outfits in a closet so they do not get musty or wrinkled. Some of the models may even feature a small ironing board so you can ensure all your gear is in the proper place.

Family Travel

Being a pro wrestler on the road can become a lonely place. By purchasing a class B RV, you will have the extra room to bring family and friends on the trip with you. Along with a master bed, some areas of the RV can fold out to feature additional sleeping space. This allows you to travel with a sibling, child, or spouse. Instead of taking time away from the family, you can work and still enjoy the family time after the wrestling events.

When browsing for the RVs at retailers like Fretz RV, pick a design that caters to your personal needs. A dealer can also implement upgrades or different features into a specific model that you love.