3 Warning Signs Your Transmission Needs To Be Repaired

Posted on: 17 August 2020

Your transmission is what helps your car shift gears in order to actually move and go. If your car doesn't have a transmission, it isn't going to go anywhere. There are warning signs that your transmission is going out. If you are seeing any of the signs, you need to take your car in to a transmission repair shop for a repair. Read on for a few of these warning signs.

1. Sluggish When Switching Gears

If it's taking a while for your car to switch gears, it may be because of your transmission. If you're hearing your car rev to a high RPM before finally switching gears, or your car is making noises prior to finally switching gears, you need to take it in to be repaired. Waiting too long can cause your car's transmission to finally give out and you could be left stranded. Take it in for a repair and prevent this from happening.

2. Your Car Smells Like It's Burning

If your car smells like it's burning, take it immediately to a repair shop to be inspected. If you aren't sure what the burning smell is, you could be leaving yourself at risk of injury. A burning smell can be any number of things. It's best not to leave this to chance and take it in immediately. If it's your transmission burning, it's only a matter of time before you will no longer be rolling at all. Take your car in.

3. Loud Noises, Shaking Or Grinding Noises

If your car is doing any of these things, take it in for a repair. There's a good chance this is due to your transmission, although they may be due to other things as well. Your car is no longer road ready and is now a hazard for the road. Take your car in for a diagnostic check and have it repaired immediately.

These are just a few of the warning signs of a transmission issue. If you suspect your car is in need of transmission services, take your car in for an inspection and a repair. Don't wait for your check engine light to turn on or for other disastrous issues to occur. If your car is having issues, it's best to take it in before those issues become much larger problems and much more costly problems. Take your car to a transmission shop and let them know what types of issues you have been having and have it repaired immediately.