Signs That Your Refrigerated Semi-Trailer Needs Repair

Posted on: 22 April 2021

Like any type of semi-trailer, refrigerated trailers need routine maintenance, inspections, and care to ensure that they are not only safe for the road but also stable for your loads. Especially if you are unfamiliar with refrigerated trailers, you may not know what to look for to know if your trailer needs repair. You don't want to be caught with a temperature-sensitive load and struggling with a trailer that won't maintain temperature. Here's a look at some common trouble signs to watch for that can cause your trailer's temperature regulation to fail.

Fluid Leaks

One of the most common reasons for a refrigerated trailer to experience cooling trouble is due to a fluid leak. Before you pick up a refrigerated load, take time to inspect your trailer for any signs of a fluid leak. The equalizer system regulates the fluid flow through the refrigeration unit, and it is a common trouble source. Check the tubes to ensure that there are no visible signs of a leak.

Trace all of the hoses and connections on the refrigeration unit as well. A cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged hose can cause a leak that may prevent your refrigeration unit from adequately cooling the trailer. Any kind of fluid leak needs to be dealt with by a semi-trailer repair technician before you haul another load.

Poor Air Seals

If you notice that the trailer's refrigeration unit is running far more persistently than it should, you may have a trailer with a faulty air seal. The air seals around the doors are crucial for preventing warm air from flowing into the trailer or cooled air from flowing out. If any of those seals are not functioning as they should, that will lead to problems with temperature regulation.

You can isolate air leaks with a thin strip of paper. Move the paper around the door with the trailer parked and the refrigeration unit running. Do this both inside and outside the trailer to see if the paper moves at all. If it does, that's a sign that you have an air leak that needs to be repaired by a technician.

Faulty Temperature Sensors

The refrigeration unit relies on a series of temperature sensors to ensure that the temperature in the trailer is consistent. If a sensor is failing, it could cause your refrigeration unit to operate poorly or inconsistently, leading to poor temperature regulation. You'll need to have a repair technician test each of the sensors to isolate the faulty one and replace it. 

When the loads you transport must be kept at a precise temperature, you need to keep your refrigerated trailer functioning properly. If you notice any of these issues, reach out to a trailer repair technician right away.

Reach out to a semi-trailer repair service to learn more.