Three Reasons To Regularly Change Your Engine Oil

Posted on: 9 July 2018

Changing your vehicle's oil is an extremely simple and straightforward process that can be completed yourself at home at a low cost, or by a professional for a nominal fee. However, the ease and simplicity of completing an oil change can make it seem like an unnecessary undertaking, or at the very least can make it easier to overlook. However, regular oil changes are an important part of vehicle maintenance, and understanding the benefits associated with ensuring that your engine oil is changed at regular intervals can help you make it a part of your schedule.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

One of the largest advantages associated with fresh engine oil is the fact that it will drastically improve your engine's performance. This is because dirty oil can carry contaminants that can gum up the engine and increase the amount of friction that the moving parts experience, which in turn can lead to higher operating temperatures and the inefficient burning of fuel. This can lead to you burning through your full gas tank at an increased rate, driving up the long run costs of operating your vehicle as you need to fill up more often. A simple oil change is the sound financial decision, since it will dramatically cut down on your gas costs.

Reduced Engine Wear and Repairs

Another large advantage associated with changing your engine oil is the fact that doing so will reduce the amount of wear and tear that your engine experiences. Proper lubrication not only improves the fuel efficiency of your engine, but also reduces the amount of physical stress that the moving components of the engine experience, reducing the risk of engine damage, which is much more complicated and expensive to fix when compared to getting your oil changed.

Emission Reduction

Finally, another thing to take under consideration when considering scheduling an oil change is the fact that clean, fresh oil in your engine is much more environmentally friendly. This is because clean oil that does not have dirt and other substances dissolved within it is much less likely to burn, reducing the amount of toxic gases that are released out of your vehicle's exhaust system and reducing the emissions of your vehicle as a result. Not only will regular oil changes maintain this environmental benefit, but it will also make it easier for your car to pass emissions tests if you have struggled with that before.

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